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  • Interested in food safety and labelling?

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    Want to know about the EU law on food information? Maybe you are allergic and want to make sure you are making the right food choices? Then feel welcome to join the EuroFIR Food Forum Symposium (6th of April 2016) in Brussels, where you will have a chance to learn all about it! EuroFIR Food Forum 2016 will focus on Health Claims & Food Labelling law in the European Union. EuroFIR Members and other researchers, dietitians, nutritionists, SMEs, health and food public authorities will have the opportunity to learn more and to exchange knowledge on issues connected with better food labelling and traceability. The EuroFIR Food Forum is a valuable networking opportunity to connect with EuroFIR members, coming from all over the world and representing academia, SMEs and public authorities. Because this event only happens once a year and demand is high, places for the Food Forum are limited so don’t miss this opportunity and register as soon as you can!   There are three major parts of The EuroFIR Food Forum : 1. Bacchus Health Claims Workshop which is a 2 days / two-day? training on EFSA Health Claims dossiers workshop which will help participants to better understand the EFSA decision process in order to submit successful health claim applications for food. 2. The EuroFIR Food Symposium 2016 (day 3: morning session) which will be focused on the latest European

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