Le Loup Blanc Chantemerle, Serre-Chevalier


IMG_2903 (1024x683)IMG_2898 (1024x683)The low wooden beams, open fireplace, a nice hot cup of tea and a view on a snow-covered mountain outside the window – could you imagine anything more homey? Ooooh, yeah – the restaurant Le Loup Blanc is one of the places that will definitely put a spell on you…

It’s so increadibly charming that you will constantly long for coming back there again with this weird, growing feeling in your heart – a mixture of sadness that you’re too far away to enjoy the amazing atmosphere of that place anytime you like, and happiness that you have had the pleasure to visit this restaurant at all.

Of all my dining experiences in France, this was by far the best. I had a fantastic dinner at this restaurant, sitting next to a brilliant fire on a snowy evening… The perfect food, amiable staff and cosy atmosphere in one. The waitress topped off my wonderful experience with her suggestions, attentiveness and welcoming manner – the restaurant itself is not gluten-free but after a short conversation with a very nice and patient waitress it turned out that they can prepare something special for me that was 100% gluten-free. And so delicious!…

I have to say that finding Le Loup Blanc absolutely made my trip a memory to behold! Definitely a return on the horizon – I would strongly recommend you to add this restaurant to your list, you will not be disappointed.

1 Route Neuve
05330 Chantemerle



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3 Responses to Le Loup Blanc Chantemerle, Serre-Chevalier

  1. Frenchy says:

    I finally checked it out! This is The Best restaurant with gluten free menu -and not only- i went to so far.. I mean your description says it all.
    Thanks for the advice!

  2. Janny says:


  3. Julia says:

    That’s an outstanding place – I went there following this atricle and I was so amazed by the cozy atmosphere, definitely worth visiting!

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