Our dietitian

I graduated in Dietetics at Medical University of Białystok. I have always been interested in human nutrition, but it was during my studies when I got to broaden my knowledge and passion. 

I take great satisfaction and joy from consulting my patients! 


I love consulting patients, sharing my knowledge and experience with them. I put a lot of attention to a good, individual contact with a patient and I take great satisfaction in being able to help them improve their health.

What are my most important professional achievements so far?

Contribution to a 12-week weight reduction program “Keep the Balance”, organized by the Institute of Food and Nutrition in Warsaw, along with the Swiss Contribution. Personally supervising patients – nutritional consults, nutritional education, keeping track of patients’ progress and increasing their motivation.

Dietitian at the Maniac Gym fitness club – nutritional consults, performing and interpreting body composition analysis, creating individual dietary plans and recommendations for patients with various diet-related disorders, educating the patients on their nutrition and physical activity.

Giving lectures to various groups of students (Dietetics students, primary school).

Practical classes with Dietetics and Physiotherapy students.

Participating in multiple medical and fitness conferences and fairs, giving conference speeches regarding the use of InBody technology in the medical field. 

Writing nutrition related articles. 

My mission? 

I believe that no diet will bring a long-term effect, unless it’s tasty and interesting – hence my presence on the culinary blog 😉

I hope I’ll have a chance to help you reach your goals!


Hello & welcome to my private gluten-free heaven, thanks a lot for stepping by! I hope you’ll find here everything you need – make yourself comfortable, enjoy the reading and visit this place as often as you can. You’re always very welcome ♥
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