What you should know about Generous?

Generous Nicole Noisette Generous Stella Stracciatella Generous Nicole Noisette Generous Stella Stracciatella Generous Sylvain Speculoos Generous Nicole Noisette Generous Charlotte Chocolat Generous Celine CitronThe Generous Bakery, located in Belgium, offers an impressive range of handmade, organic and gluten-free products. As they say: „Organic, gluten-free and yet… full of taste!” – and it is soooo true… It’s honestly hard to imagine that any cookies could possibly taste any better. And be perfect for every occassion!

Generous was born from a passion for flavors and it’s indeed the only company that makes me feel happy to be on a gluten-free diet while I’m eating cookies. Each biscuit is the product of the sustained desire to offer the best cookies from creamery butter, fresh eggs, flour and selected sugars. This is why they carefully pick organic ingredients selected for their high level of quality. Amazing flavor, best ingredients… Can we be more spoiled? 😉

Knowing all that it doesn’t come as a surprise that Generous conquers the hearts of coeliacs all over the world 🙂 They recently hit new markets and are getting more and more recognisable in many different countries – you can find them in Spain, Norway, Italy…. Their products are now also available in France at Naturalia, Maisson Plisson, Bien l’Epicerie, La Grande Epicerie & Monoprix. And I just can’t wait to have them in Poland as well! 🙂

So, what can they offer? 🙂

First of all, their unbeatable biscuits, which are:

– CÉLINE CITRON – Lemon butter shortbread,

– CHARLOTTE CHOCOLAT – Chocolate cookies with Belgian chocolate chips, hazelnuts and fleur de sel,

– STELLA STRACCIATELLA – Tea biscuits with Belgian chocolate drops,

– NICOLE NOISETTE – Hazelnut croquant,

– VICTOR VANILLE – Vanilla butter shortbread,

– SYLVAIN SPÉCULOOS – Speculoos with buckweat flour,

– WILLIAM WHISKY – Chocolate biscuits with whisky.

And secondly, their amazing baking mixes called CLAUDINE CUISINE, which are:





And what, aside from what you’ve just read, makes them even more special? Click on the link below to find out!

23 Responses to What you should know about Generous?

  1. Gina says:

    Oh my God, these pictures make me hungry…

  2. Luisa says:

    Great article!
    I wish to have them in New Zealand 🙂 maybe one day I’ll get lucky 😛

    And wonderful photography by the way – you always make me wanna buy everything you present and then I don’t know how to explain myself to my husband 🙂 😉

    Cheers Nathalie!

  3. ERamirez says:

    Is it NICOLE NOISETTE at the first picture? These cookies are fabulous, everyone has to try them – sweet and crispy, best I ever had.

  4. Katia says:

    Aren’t you planning maybe a contest or something of that sort? So that we could win a package of these goodies and try if they really are that tasty? 🙂
    I’d love to take part as they are not available in my country yet 🙂

    • Nathalie says:

      That sounds like a good idea, Katia! I’ll contact Generous about it – if they also like the idea, then sure we’ll organize a contest! I’ll keep you updated 🙂

  5. Mira says:


  6. Snarky says:

    I agree with Katia, the idea of having a contest is great – I also would love to taste them, I feel so tempted 😛

  7. Carla says:

    I love that idea too !

  8. GlutenIntolerant says:

    I like the Charlotte Chocolat the most!

  9. Nikki says:

    and i’m in love with those lemon ones, they are the best – so rich and full of flavor

  10. Linda says:

    Yes, yes, yessss – the lemon ones are the winner!

  11. Luiza says:

    Beautiful photographs, Natalia!!!

  12. Nikki says:

    Looks great. My mouth is watering.

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