Pão de queijo in Poland?


Gluten-free breakfast and party goodies? Ohhh, yes! Let me introduce you to Pão de queijo!

Pão de queijo is a Brazilian cheese bread – a small, baked cheese roll, a popular snack and breakfast food in Brazil. It is also widely eaten in northern Argentina where it is often sold from streetside stands by vendors carrying heat-preserving containers. In Brazil, it is also very commonly found in groceries, supermarkets and bakeries, industrialized or freshly made.

Despite being referred to as „bread”, Pão de queijo is basically a type of starch roll with cheese – it has soft and elastic consistency and comes in many different variations. There are several recipes where the ingredients and the type of cheese vary widely – as well as the final result. My favourite is definitely the one produced by Maria Bonita© – it’s full of flavor and goes perfectly with all the dips, soups & sauces you could possibly imagine! So yummy!

And what I also love about Maria Bonita© is their story… 🙂 Maria Bonita© was born by the dream of joining two different worlds together: Brazil and Poland. After three years of a long-distance relationship with Tomasz, Thais decided to move to Poland and brought in her luggage a traditional family’s recipe, passed by generation to generation: pão de queijo. The family’s secret recipe was taught by her grandmother, a woman who believed that affection and good ingredients were a great combination to share happiness with family and friends.

Passionate by these delicacies, Thais and Tomasz started a production in Poland to share pão de quejio with friends and family and later with all the people. The recipe is made with the same care and dedication her family has prepared it for all these years.

Pão de queijo by Maria Bonita© is gluten free, sugar added free, no yeast, and use only fresh ingredients. They come raw and pre-shaped and you can bake them straight from the freezer, which means hot, cheesy bread is only a pre-heat and 25 minutes away! Perfect for every occasion!


Maria Bonita,
Modliszewice, ul.Piotrkowska 69
26-200 Końskie


5 Responses to Pão de queijo in Poland?

  1. Luiza says:

    How cool is that?! I live in Germany and I didn’t know that my beloved pão de queijo are available here! Amazing news!!!

  2. Malry says:

    Can’t wait to taste them!

  3. Maxx says:

    Oh, I am already craving chicken wings with those little cheesy buns!

  4. Ronald says:

    Pão de queijo!!!!!!!!!! I love it!

  5. Matheu says:

    Amazing stuff in here!

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