Alpro – a vegan and allergy friendly alternative

Alpro Alpro2Struggling to find something that could fill in that bowl of cereals in the morning, that doesn’t contain any dairy and that actually tastes good…? Missing pasta with mushrooms and cream sauce…? Alpro comes to rescue!

What’s important to know, is that Alpro is not only about soya though… If you are allergic to soya beans, or for any other reason choose not to consume it, there’s still so much more Alpro can offer you. You can choose from rice, hazelnut, almonds, oats or even coconut products. On top of that, Alpro doesn’t only make plant drinks, but also alternatives for creams, yogurts, desserts, butter or baking grease. The diversity is huge, so anyone will be able to find something for them! And let’s remember that diversity in nutrition is highly appreciated!

There’s been quite a debate recently around soya- good for you or bad for you? Genetically modified? Well, here’s something we can read on their website:

We use certified non-genetically modified soya beans from traceable sources and suppliers we trust, tested at every stage just to be sure. Nobody is 100% certain of the effects of eating GMO ingredients, and growing these modified plants can harm our environment. So our soya is just as nature intended, with every gene intact.” Works for me…

What all of their products have in common though, is a great taste. I know how hard it is to find plant milk or cream that tastes well, and giving up dairy is not an easy process either (nor joyful). But Alpro has really mastered it! Using their soya cream for cooking is a delicious alternative for cream sauces that so many of us can unfortunately not enjoy due to allergies or intolerance.

I would strongly recommend it as a vegan alternative for all those of you who can’t or don’t want to eat dairy and are looking for tasty replacements. With the huge choice they offer, we can all find something yummy and plant-based!

If you wish to find more information on Alpro, click on the picture!


4 Responses to Alpro – a vegan and allergy friendly alternative

  1. Kirsty says:

    I love your articles, Angie – always so useful!

  2. Nora says:

    Alpro is amazing, I do totally love their product – especially their almond milk, it tastes heavenly!

  3. LisaM87 says:

    These posts are my favourites 🙂

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