Margarita in Trapani, Sicily

IMG_7783xsIMG_7798xsThat was the last restaurant we went to during our stay in Trapani and I have to say we closed the holiday with a positive experience. We dined there twice and if it was possible we would go there again… Well, to be honest, we could actually go back to Trapani, just to get to eat their food…

First of all, the restaurant boasts an attractive menu. Gluten-free options are not indicated, but all the waiters are really helpful, so no worries – they will surely guide you 🙂 The restarant is mostly popular with the locals and maybe some tourists who have ventured a little way off the beaten track – it is not located near any places popular among tourists, so it’s not so easily reachable. But definitely worth your time 😉 The food turned out to be excellent. Pizzas full of flavour and enough pasta to live on for a week. Ingredients are undoubtedly fresh and everything so Sicilian! Serioulsy, heavenly food… Heavenly! And what is more: really, really reasonable prices, espacially Menu Turistico which holds so many options you can’t get bored 🙂 Thumbs up, that’s my definite winner in Trapani!

4 Responses to Margarita in Trapani, Sicily

  1. GlutenFreeTraveller says:

    oh, thank you so much for this info! Love this web site <3

  2. Hornet says:

    I discovered this place -aswell as some others- thanks to your post 😉
    I can definitely recommend it !

  3. Josua says:

    Your style is so unique in comparison to other folks I’ve read stuff from. Love this place, great stuff in here!

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