Il Veliero– an Italian restaurant in Bruxelles

After reading thousands of positive reviews of that restaurant, I was not able to resist dining there and simply had to verify if all these opinions and flattering words were true. Because Il Veliero seemed to be a heaven for coeliacs – it would be foolish to miss a chance to eat at a place like that 😉

So… The restaurant Il Veliero is located close to Maelbeek, what makes it easily accessible (you can use the subway and then walk a few blocks). The decor is nothing fancy but it is a small, neighborhood restaurant, so this style makes it even more cosy.

I went there just once – with a group of friends. We booked a table beforehand, what turned out to be a good idea because the restaurant is clearly popular with locals, what doesn’t actually come as a surprise since the service is friendly and welcoming.

As the only one gluten-free diner in our huge group I was the most excited about all the choices on the menu: gluten-free beer, gluten-free crepes, gluten-free pizzas, gluten-free lasagne etc. The gluten-free menu was really varied and inexpensive, what made it even more difficult to decide which meal I wanted to eat… I would have eaten it all! 🙂 But, finally, the decision was made: Tagliatelle Al Tartufo Nero. Each of us had someting different, some ordered starters and main courses, some had a dessert as well. After the dinner we all agreed our meals were OK, but not really special. We were not throughly impressed by the meals – I mean: they were fine, but not so fantastic as we expected. And, what was the greatest mystery of the evening, why did I suffer from a horrible belly ache afterwards? The restaurant was supposed to be gluten-free, so either I was accidentally served with something that actully contained traces of gluten, or maybe some ingredients weren’t so fresh, or maybe it was just a coincidence – I do not know the answer, but I wasn’t brave enough to go there for the second time to verify what happened that evening.

Rue Général Leman 15

1040 Etterbeek


4 Responses to Il Veliero– an Italian restaurant in Bruxelles

  1. Leo says:

    I went there recently with my Belgian friends – I liked the food, but my friends weren’t satisfied, so all in all – maybe not terrific, but OK.
    Thanks for your article, Nathalie!

  2. Jeni88 says:

    Yes, I agree – the food is not really exceptional. But when you’re on a gluten free diet – pizza is pizza 😉

  3. Derrick Mancillas says:

    Remarkably well written and beneficial freely available online article post!
    Thanks a lot for the share!

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