Home-made chilli powder

homemade chilli2


8 chilli peppers (for example: 2 Cherry peppers, 1 Poblano pepper, 1 Tabasco pepper, 1 Cayenne pepper, 2 Chipolte peppers, 1 Jalapeno pepper) 





For drying the chillies select the best quality products  – they should be ripe, glossy and pliable, without any blemishes. Then, depending on the climate conditions of the region you live in, choose one of the following drying techniques:

1. A natural drying method – hanging peppers:

Cut a long nylon, polyester or cooking thread and make a „pepper line” by tying the stalks. Hang the pepper line in a well-ventilated room and allow the peppers to dry for a minimum of four weeks. Remember that this method requires a dry air environment.

2. Using an oven:

Preheat your oven to 60º Celsius (for a fan-forced oven, the temperature should be 40ºC). Use a knife to halve chillies lengthwise. Place them with cut-sides down in a single layer onto a baking sheet. Dry them in the oven for around 5 hours (the drying time depends on the size of the chillies – they are ready once you are able to break them apart easily between your fingers). Break each of them into 2 or 3 pieces and remove the seeds. Let the chillies cool, then transfer the pieces to a blender. Blend until powdered.

If you want your chilli powder to be spicier, add some of the seeds while grinding.

Store in a moisture-tight container. Keep in a cool dry place, away from the direct sunlight.

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