Casa Italia in Warsaw

A few weeks ago I went to Warsaw with two friends of mine and we found ourselves in a neighbourhood near the Casa Italia. We were extra starved, but also in a hurry. We didn’t have time to look for a gluten-free restaurant and since there aren’t many of them in Poland, I simply assumed that going to tha Casa Italia meant I’d stay hungry. So we went there just because it was the closest restaurant.  We had no idea whether it was a good or poor restaurant, what opinions it had and whether it was even worth going.

The interior was nothing special, but we didn’t bother. Guys ordered, I just asked for something to drink, and the waitress asked me: „Why?” – the question was somehow surprising. I explained I was on a diet and that I was quite sure they didn’t have gluten-free meals. And so she proved me wrong! I was stunned, amazed and as happy as Larry. They didn’t have gluten-free meals on their menu, but the chef was perfectly aware of a gluten-free cooking problem and prepared somethig special for me – and it indeed was gluten-free and what is more: it was delicious! And! Arrived on our table within seconds… I was really satisfied, and so were my friends – one of them is constantly talking about their tagiatelle which – as he said – was the best he had ever tried. Highly recommend!

ul. Świętojerska5/7
00-236 Warszawa


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