BIOWAY in Gdansk, Poland

While I was searching for a place to eat during the trip to TriCity I found BIOWAY – a restaurant chain that serves affordable vegetarian dishes, many of which are also marked as gluten-free, lactose-free or vegan. I noticed they got lots of positive reviews, what got me all excited 😉

I called the restaurant beforehand to confirm that their meals are safe for a coeliac – and I was assured several times that there’s no need to worry, that they take a great care of coeliacs and that I can be perfectly sure that not even a trace amount of gluten could be found in my meal. „Perfect!” – I thought – „So, I will eat there with my friend during our weekend together!”.

When we arrived at BIOWAY we were hungry as the hogs and couldn’t wait to eat something 😉 The restaurant was almost empty on a Sunday lunch time. That seemed quite surprising given the central location in Gdansk, in a really popular spot. But whatever – we had plans and didn’t have much time before the departure, so we could’t even look for another place to eat. And maybe it wasn’t even a bad sign at all? We entered.

The restaurant looked more like a canteen, which was interesting. We ordered and went upstairs as they provided air-conditioning there and it was way too hot to eat downstairs.

And we couldn’t believe our eyes when we noticed what was going on in there! The place was a mess! It was disgusting… Dirty dishes and food waste everywhere, literally everywhere – it looked as if no one bothered to clean that place in months… And our food? Quite similar… I had the lentil and carrot stew and the salad which I left half of as it was unappealing and did not taste fresh. By far the worst dining experience I have had in a long time – and what is more: I got sick a few minutes after lunch, so my meal WAS NOT gluten-free at all.

To sum up, the best thing about the restaurant is where it is – 10-15 minutes from the Old Town, 2 minutes from the main station. And – in my opinion – that is the end of the assets.

I will definitely not eat there again, worst experience I could imagine. Absolutely not matching something one would expect in a „healthy” restaurant.



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  1. George says:

    Wow, marvelous blog format! And thanks for the info – I’m planning a trip to Poland!

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