• Interested in food safety and labelling?

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    Want to know about the EU law on food information? Maybe you are allergic and want to make sure you are making the right food choices? Then feel welcome to join the EuroFIR Food Forum Symposium (6th of April 2016) in Brussels, where you will have a chance to learn all about it! EuroFIR Food Forum 2016 will focus on Health Claims & Food Labelling law in the European Union. EuroFIR Members and other researchers, dietitians, nutritionists, SMEs, health and food public authorities will have the opportunity to learn more and to exchange knowledge on issues connected with better food labelling and traceability. The EuroFIR Food Forum is a valuable networking opportunity to connect with EuroFIR members, coming from all over the world and representing academia, SMEs and public authorities. Because this event only happens once a year and demand is high, places for the Food Forum are limited so don’t miss this opportunity and register as soon as you can!   There are three major parts of The EuroFIR Food Forum : 1. Bacchus Health Claims Workshop which is a 2 days / two-day? training on EFSA Health Claims dossiers workshop which will help participants to better understand the EFSA decision process in order to submit successful health claim applications for food. 2. The EuroFIR Food Symposium 2016 (day 3: morning session) which will be focused on the latest European

  • What is gluten and how does it look? See an intereseting video!

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    Bezglutenowe ciasto

    So does everyone know how gluten actually looks? Not really? Watch the video then – a really nice way of presenting what can be found in a regular bread 😉

  • A perfect morning with a gluten-free breakfast!

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    Eggs poached over a bed of smoked salmon – could you imagine any other breakfast dish that is so simple and so elegant all at once? Rich and satisfying, a perfect dish to start a day. And you can it them with any salad you like! Hope you’ll enjoy, have a nice weekend! Nathalie  

  • Hotel Castle Lubliniec in Poland

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    We visited the Hotel Castle Lubliniec in January, so all those Christmas decorations were still hanging, which made it look so lovely… In my opinion, the atmosphere and the setting make it the perfect place for a romantic weekend or a honeymoon. The place also offers a modern spa, which is a wonderful way to spend your afternoon and relax. On the ground floor, you’ll find a cosy, stylish restaurant and a bar. The castle is also a great place to stay if you are planning a trip to Czestochowa, which is just about twenty minutes away, or to Cracow. Rooms are tasteful and comfortable, with lovely large windows and modern bathrooms. The hotel is truly beautiful, nicely situated and spotlessly clean. The staff and the level of service they provided was exceptional, nothing was too much trouble – they were welcoming, courteous and really helpful. From our arrival we had the wonderful time. Seriously, the service from everyone was first class and our room was a pure pleasure. Quality of food in the restaurant was good and they catered perfectly for Coeliac disease. But – what is worth noticing – they don’t normally serve gluten-free meals, so if you are on a diet, you will have to inform them beforehand so that they can get prepared. I was offered a mini menu which contained two different soups, chicken breast

  • Why we should love millet?

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    Millet is a perfect solution for those looking for some diversity in their diet. It’s a great source of protein, phosphorus, magnesium and B group vitamins. It is light and easy to digest, gluten free, which makes it suitable for people on a gluten free diet. It contains silica- a rarely occurring in other food products ingredient which has a healing effect on the joints and beneficial effects on the nails, skin and hair. Millet is alkaline, therefore its consumption helps maintain the acid/alkali balance. It can be eaten cooked, as an alternative to other groats or potatoes, as a salad addition. May be served for breakfast with fruit and nuts instead of regular muesli, or even ground dry as a replacement for flour and used for baking. Don’t forget to check out the recipes with millet!  

  • Mon historie dans l’assiette in Lyon – allergy-free France?

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    Style of natural ingredients, freshly baked bread, seasonal fruit & vegetables – and everything full of flavors but allergen free. Mon histoire dans l’assiette is a really unique place – not only in France, but in general. It’s not very common to find a restaurant where food can be enjoyed by allergy sufferers, but here – everyone will find something for themselves. All the dishes are without gluten, eggs, lactose, peanuts, pitted fruits, soya, mustard, seafood, celery, sesame & lupin beans – quite a lot, hugh? And what comes as a great surprise – although there are lots of exluded ingredients in this cuisine, their food is really tasty and they still got a variety to choose from! And how about you? Have you tasted meals at Mon histoire dans l’assiette? Love to hear what you think! Hugs, Nathalie

  • Monopol – a restaurant in Wroclaw

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    I don’t often go to restaurants of this calibre, but I have to say this place can totally blown you away… I was really impressed! The location and space is superb, interiors very elegant, impressing design, everything so sleek. And food – wow… Can not fault a thing, especially that the restaurant isn’t „marked” as a gluten-free one and still – they can offer you some positions from the menu which do not contain gluten. Every mouthful was delicious, and being on a gluten-free diet, it is so terrific to have options that are really tasty and not just a back-up plan. The food was seriously amazing and I’d rate it as some of the best food I’ve eaten in a really long time! It won’t be your average priced dining experience, but worth it for a special occasion. In general: not too big food selection, just a few main courses, nevertheless I think everyone will find something interesting – and the wine list is massive. Also – what is worth noticing – a Monopol’s smorgasbord buffet breakfast offers u huge variety of gluten-free products and really does have everything – from bacon and eggs, salmon, fresh vegetables, eggs benedict, cheese, meats, fruits, fruit juice, Nutella, tea, coffee and – even – rice cakes. Hugs! Nathalie

Hello & welcome to my private gluten-free heaven, thanks a lot for stepping by! I hope you’ll find here everything you need – make yourself comfortable, enjoy the reading and visit this place as often as you can. You’re always very welcome ♥
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